Circa: March 2021. Due diligence and an inside look on Netflix, the streaming giant of our decade.

Welcome to the first episode of behind the ticker, a series which provides quick educational narratives about different companies for everyone, including myself to gain a deeper understanding about the companies beyond just their ticker symbols. As Peter Lynch once said that it’s important in investing that we remember that stocks are not lottery tickets, so it’s crucial for us to find out more about them before even buying any shares. …

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The year 2020, will always be marked deep in our hearts. And the battle ahead is far from over, as the enemy continues raging on. With businesses fighting to survive.

Evoking anxiety in the minds of millions who have been put into financial ruin due to unemployment. Endless loneliness among those who live in self-isolation with no one to rely on. And death to hundreds of thousands that are affected.

Now is the time for us to come to the realization…


This article covers two key data structures (Doubly Linked List & Hash tables) that are essential for the basic development of an LRU cache, it will discuss the codes that are involved, and guide you through the thought process of building one on your own. The purpose of a cache is to enable fast data retrieval through recently used resources reducing the reliance on the computer’s main memory source.

Hash Tables


The aim of this story is to personalize the different data structures, written in a fashion that is friendly and interesting to the general audience, but also technical enough as a refresher for people in the field of software engineering. It’s meant to be a quick read for technical interviews.

How does an Array look like? Simple yet deceiving

Artifact drew by Aaron

Every story has a beginning

Legend has it that this data structure is one of the most commonly tested in technical interviews. It allows us to store a collection of data that are similar in nature. It could even be used in a linear fashion, and strings (basically words) are a really good example of…

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Software Engineer | Equity Investor

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