Looking towards a silver lining amidst our battle against coronavirus

As the world faces its greatest enemy, our kindness and empathy towards others are now more important than ever.

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The year 2020, will always be marked deep in our hearts. And the battle ahead is far from over, as the enemy continues raging on. With businesses fighting to survive.

Evoking anxiety in the minds of millions who have been put into financial ruin due to unemployment. Endless loneliness among those who live in self-isolation with no one to rely on. And death to hundreds of thousands that are affected.

Now is the time for us to come to the realization that we’re all on very different boats sailing towards the same storm. It is easy to be kind when times are good but takes significant courage in a crisis like this where humanity is truly tested.

For many, homeschooling could be a challenge, where it might not be effective for the child with a family crisis, or parents who have to educate their child at home on top of their regular workweek. For some, education at home could just be another day, nothing significantly different from what they’re used to.

For many, who wishes to go back to work, simply because they don't qualify for unemployment benefits due to the lack of government and business support in their country. For some, the pandemic could simply be just a break to catch up with family.

For many, coronavirus might have given moments of reflection, allowing us to be productive and optimal in the way we live our lives. Giving us focus, and removing the noise that is around us. For some, it could be a great challenge to get out of bed, develop the mental focus for work after being cooped up at home for days without a change of environment.

For many, finding entertainment amidst this crisis could be easily filled with Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, and countless games. For some, it could be filled with days of boredom, with nothing to fill their time without work at home, or the luxury to afford it.

For many, the virus has brought about near-death experiences, not sure whether their loved ones will make it, or have already lost someone from it. With frontline workers working endlessly to make sure everyone gets the best care possible. For some, they don't believe that this is a big deal.

This is one of those times in our lives where perspective matters the most. A time, where we look beyond ourselves, beyond our own comforts, if we’re fortunate, and show some care towards those who fall behind the curtains of this battle.

Let’s all do our parts in shaping the world towards one where kindness and empathy prevail amidst and even beyond this battle.

This is a life lesson for the world like no other.

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